Bolsonaro: the far-right candidate who could win Brazil’s election

Brazil is set to hold the most important election in its history on October 28. In the first round of voting earlier in the month, a field of 13 candidates was narrowed to two.

Fernando Haddad represents the leftist Workers’ Party that has been in power for much of the past two decades. But having received only 29 percent of the vote in the first round, he’s by far the underdog.

It’s far-right candidate Jair Bolsonaro who has gripped the nation’s attention. With 46 percent of the vote, he’s favored to become Brazil’s next president, which would mark a dramatic shift in the country’s politics.

Bolsonaro is a longtime Congress member who is known for his ultra-conservative and deeply offensive rhetoric. Despite this, he’s drawn huge crowds to his rallies and soared to the top of polls. And that has left minorities in the country worried about their safety and the future of their country’s democracy.

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