Brexit news: the UK’s exit from the European Union is looming

The Brexit deadline of March 29, 2019, is approaching — and the United Kingdom has no clear path forward for exiting the European Union.

British Prime Minister Theresa May’s Brexit deal has been soundly defeated in Parliament, and it’s unclear if she’ll be able to satisfy them with more concessions from the European Union or succeed with another attempt. (May’s own future is in peril, too; she’s barely hanging onto her power after two no-confidence votes). If an agreement isn’t ratified by the European and UK parliaments by the deadline, the UK’s membership in the EU will still expire, deal or no deal.

“Brexiting” without a formal plan in place would lead to potentially catastrophic results, which could include food and medicine shortages, grounded flights, backed up ports of entry, and deployed troops to help with any unrest. Some businesses are taking their operations to other countries as a precaution, but it’s unclear what will play out over the next couple of months.

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